“I purchased Leonard’s limited edition, signed, titled and dated lithographs in Vancouver from Linda Lando who owned Granville Fine Art and became the exclusive representative for Leonard’s art in British Columbia. Each print is also embossed and stamped by the artist with his personal seal.

“When Linda first introduced Leonard’s artwork to the city, she invited his son, Adam, to attend the opening. I had a moving talk with him. Among the subjects we discussed were how he was handling the search for his own identity when brought up under the shadow of a famous parent, and also the multi-talented nature of his father. Adam half-jokingly commented: “Yes, he has more than should be afforded to any one man: poet; musician —who writes the music, the lyrics and performs his own songs; novelist; lover; and now artist.”

-Yosef Wosk

This artwork, with the exception of “Only One Thing” and the memorial poster, is copyright Old Ideas, www.leonardcohenfineart.com.


If there were no paintings in the world,
Mine would be very important.
Same with my songs.
Since this is not the case,
let us make haste to get in line,
Well towards the back.
Sometimes I would see a
woman in a magazine
Humiliated in the technicolour glare.
I would try to establish her
In happier circumstances.
Sometimes a man.
Sometimes living persons sat for me.
May I say to them again:
Thank you for coming to my room.
I also loved the objects on the table
Such as candlesticks and bowls.
From a mirror on my desk
In the very early morning
I copied down
Hundreds of self-portraits.
The Curator has called this exhibition
Leonard Cohen Artworks.
I call my work
Acceptable Decorations.

— L.C.